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Celeste Flores has devoted her life to the creation of art. Her interest in drawing began as an infant and grew after she took her first class at the age of six. From then on she began studying on her own through books and any other outlet she could find. She enrolled in the Academy of Art in San Francisco in 2004 and there was introduced to ceramics and metalworking. After school she continued to create and learn while at the Bitter Root Pottery Studio in LA and through a two year blacksmithing internship at The Crucible in Oakland, CA. Celeste currently works as an instructor at The Crucible where she teaches students of all ages and experience levels the art of the blacksmith. When she is not teaching or taking commsissions as Clay and Steel, Celeste also works alongside Jerry Coe of Coe Studios , a bronze smith specializing in custom work as well as outdoor lighting products made by hand out of bronze.

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